What’s It About

Jake is an American ‘Super-Traveler’, midway through what was supposed to be an epic backpacking adventure across the Old World. Unfortunately, nothing is going as planned. Lonely, disgruntled and disillusioned with his life choices, dangerously low on funds, engaged in a constant and seemingly insurmountable battle with his inner demons, Jake has finally started to wonder just how much more he has in him.

In a desperate attempt to add much-needed meaning and adventure into his lost journey, Jake heads to the birthplace of his grandfather in the heartlands of Slovakia. He plans to locate distant relatives, in hopes of winning over family back home and finding his true path. Jake is devastated when his ancestor search ends in total disaster. However, in his Grandpa Frank’s hometown he becomes acquainted with a charismatic Frenchman named Fred.

Despite Jake’s initial reservations stemming from his social anxiety and lack of confidence, the two travelers get along spectacularly. Fred soon extends Jake an invitation to join him. Reeling from his most recent perceived social disaster, Jake carefully ponders Fred’s offer and ultimately decides to join forces with the Frenchman for ‘just a few days’. What transpires is a life-changing adventure through Slovakia, where Jake finally discovers meaningful friendships, true love, and ultimately, himself.

About My Book

MY FRENCH FRIEND FRED is a literary fiction novel, complete at 114,000 words.

Readers of backpacker classics IN SEARCH OF CAPTAIN ZERO and THE BEACH will connect with this novel. It goes in depth about not only the unorthodox lifestyle of the long-term budget traveler, but also the difficulties which accompany such a solitary way of life. It’s an inspirational story of hope- although Jake’s inner struggles seem insurmountable, he never gives up and ultimately overcomes them.

Who Am I

I’m a lifelong world traveler who’s backpacked through six continents and over eighty countries. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in History from DePaul University in Chicago, and have taught English in South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Spain, and Thailand, among other far-flung locales. This is my first novel and I’m seeking representation.