OMG Chinese People are Soooooo Annoying!

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The Importance of Being Open-Minded While on the Road: “HAAAAAWWWWWKKKK-PPPHT!” “HAAAAAWWWWWKKKK-PPPHT!” The cringe-inducing sound of people loudly and inconsiderately spitting. This is always the absolute first thing that pops up in my mind whenever I think about China. When I … Continued

Home-Made Tortillas

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As you may know by now, I love to make my Mexican food wherever I go, as long as I can get together enough of the proper ingredients. Throughout my travels, I usually purchased store-bought tortillas. Whenever I couldn’t find … Continued

Russian-Style Maslenitsa Pancakes!

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Maslenitsa is here, my friends… that wonderful, week-long celebration, which takes place throughout the Slavic countries of Eastern Europe and Russia. The wild and happy celebration has strong religious significance (it’s held on the last week before the Orthodox Lent), … Continued

The Evolution of Backpacking Necessities

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Sometimes during trips, I can’t help but notices fellow travelers, in hostels or on transport, completely lost in their smart phone worlds. Such observations get me reminiscing about the ‘Good Old Days’, the time before smart phones existed. I’m old … Continued

Thai Cold Drinks

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Most farang visitors to Thailand love to try the fresh fruit shakes, and rightfully so. Banana, watermelon, mango shakes and the like, just pick out your favorite flavor and it’s blended before your eyes! Thai shakes can be found all … Continued

Guacamole – Delicious Mexican Dip

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Guacamole is relatively cheap, healthy, and easy to make. It’s a great topping to be added to any Mexican food, burgers, sandwiches, or eaten with chips, bread, or crackers. I generally prefer eating it with tortilla corn chips, but depending … Continued

My World-Famous Mexican Food Recipe

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Ingredients: 500 grams of Meat (doesn’t matter if it’s beef, pork, chicken, kangaroo, tiger, etc… as long as it’s ground well!) 4 tomatoes 1 head of lettuce (or cabbage will serve as a perfect substitute) 1 block of cheese, preferably sharp cheddar … Continued

Hitching Tales 2: France

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It had already been a very trying day of hitching, and I was barely halfway of my planned destination, Toulouse. I was standing beside a toll booth near the entrance of a small town called Narbonne. Countless cars were passing … Continued

Hitching Tales 1: Morocco

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I’d been in Morocco for over a month and hadn’t hitched one single time, despite the fact that in the months leading up to my arrival in Northern Africa, hitch-hiking had been my preferred mode of transport throughout the European … Continued

The Joys of Hitch-Hiking

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I’ll start this blog off with a bang: by submitting various tales from my hitch-hiking adventures. But first, a brief summary of my evolution as a hitch-hiker. Over fifteen years ago, I began my lengthy career as a vagabond wanderer, … Continued